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The writers featured in these cuentos are promotores de salud who work with the CCmáS (Cuidándonos Creceremos más Sanos/Growing Healthier Together) program at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. Each writer reflected on how their identity, their experiences, and their role as a promotor/a are woven into their work with reproductive health and justice. Please be aware that some of these stories include general references to domestic violence, sexual assault, thoughts of suicide, or pregnancy loss.

Stories of 2024

Alyson is from Colorado but has lived in Milwaukee, WI for 19 years. She moved here to work in the arts and that was her life since she was a little girl. In 2020, she made a huge change and started her career in Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, and created the department of Community Relations. When she’s not working, she likes to read, go out on walks, travel, and go on adventures with her husband.

Alyson Bio Pic.jpg

Fabiana, an Uruguayan national, is married and has two sons. She has lived in Wisconsin for the past 19 years and currently works as a Health Promoter of Planned Parenthood. Her goal is to continue supporting the Latinx community with their needs.

Fabiano Bio.jpg

Consuelo was born in Pao state, Bolívar, Venezuela in an American camp that was dedicated to mining iron. She received her bachelor's degree in Typing, Stenography, and IBM. She also received a scholarship to study Advertising and Marketing. Consuelo got married, had three kids, and worked for several banks throughout her career. Her goal was to be a Stewardess or Flight Attendant in order to get to know countries and their people. Now, she’s a Health Promoter who can reach out to you in relation to reproductive and sexual health care and advocacy.

Consuelo Bio.jpg

Mónica is Peruvian by birth but has resided in the United States for the past 19 years. She is married and has an eleven-year-old daughter. She has worked for PPWI for the past 10 years and is an activist for various social causes, she seeks to create pathways for the Latinx community to advance and gain recognition as an integral force in this country.

Monica Bio.png

Originally from Peru, Elisa arrived in the United States around 13 years ago. She previously worked for Planned Parenthood in Racine, Wisconsin, and currently works at the Rock River Community Clinic in Whitewater, Wisconsin. In her role as a Health Promoter, she helps the Latinx community with accessing community resources and health services.

Elisa Bio.jpg

Rocio was born in Lima, Perú. She adores and loves her family and puppies. She enjoys and loves the ocean, music, and adrenaline. She enjoys listening to and learning from people. Her mother and her grandparents taught her that we all are equals. Life presented her with the opportunity to be a health promoter and is happy in this role that she plays to continue learning and growing. One of her hopes is to be able to decrease abuse in the world. Her dream was to set up a pet shelter but her path led her to create a center for women. She is always grateful to God and life. Her motto is “Give a hand, a hug, or a kiss with love and you will strengthen your heart.

Rocio Bio.jpg

Emilia is 100% Boricua [boˈɾikʷa], a Puertorican from Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. She has strong family ties with her mother being her number one. She is a fighter with a positive mindset. Her motivation is to help others without judgment for who they are. For her, being a Health Promoter for CCmáS is not only her job but also her passion.

Emilia bio.jpg

Stories of 2022

Angeles Soria Rodríguez, Mexicana from Morelia Michoacán, is a mother, wife, homemaker, leader in the community, health promoter for around 18 years at different organizations, promoting healthy communities, wherever it is needed. She likes to be involved in work activities that are social and she really enjoys spending time with the community and her family.

Angeles foto 1.jpg

Joshy Castillo-Torres is the Health Promoters' Coordinator at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. Her mother decided to write her name with a silent h in the middle and that's why it is pronounced Josi but written as Joshy. Joshy is a journalist, she wouldn't study anything else, and if she was born again, she would do the same thing. She was born in the United States but grew up in Nicaragua with her mother's family, and she considers this country to be her true country. She has two spectacular sons and one 12-year-old granddaughter who is daring just like her grandmother. She is addicted to chocolate, good stories, and does not put up with hypocrisy.

Joshy bio foto.jpg

Elida is a health promoter originally from Guerrero, México. She has lived in Wisconsin for 22 years, the majority of which she has done what she enjoys the most: helping without expecting anything in return, and very quietly. She does not like to go on about herself. First, because there is a supreme being that sees and knows what she does and returns Blessings to her. Second, because she has always said that who you help is who should say who you are and what you do. On the other hand, she promotes “The value of Equality” in many aspects of life because she is sure that as human beings we have this value. And she always remembers the people, and that a position in whatever area (work, economics, migration, religion, etc) does not make us better or worse than others, nor does it give the right to be humiliated. Because even if we decide to simply be (a cleaner, dishwasher, driver, etc.) we can be the best and we deserve the same respect. What is important is that in all that we do, “We always do it with Passion and with Heart.”

Elida Bio foto (see bio for caption).jpeg

Kendy is a married woman, born in México in the city of León Guanajuato, who is also a health promoter that advocates for victims who suffer from domestic violence and sex trafficking. With a beautiful and brave mother, six wonderful sisters and only one brother, she’s in love with life and grateful to God for allowing her to be a mother of three precious girls and a boy. She is passionate about listening to stories about real life, learning from them, helping others, and her specialty is talking. With a great virtue to be unique, she doesn't like to imitate anyone and loves being HERSELF, dreaming big is something that characterizes her and the sky's the limit. She is risky, daring, outgoing, cheerful, loves adrenaline, and her favorite moments are spending time with family to cry, laugh, and share their triumphs and failures together. Being with her family are moments that she is most thankful for in life.

Kendy Photo 1.png

Gaby is a health promoter in Milwaukee who is bilingual (Spanish/English). Her family is from Guatemala, and she was born in Los Angeles, California. She moved to Milwaukee when she was 5 years old. She has around 8 years of experience working on projects to help her community. She has one son and an incredible husband. She loves to travel and eat lots of tacos. She loves her work with the Latino community and enjoys being a health promoter.


María is a bilingual, Spanish/English, first generation Mexican, who arrived in Waukesha, WI, from Atotonilco, Durango Mexico at the age of 7. She is an activist, who for more than 38 years has fought for every person to be able to live in an equitable and inclusive society, promoting the Reproductive Justice movement so that we can all thrive and not just survive.

Maria's power image.jpg
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