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Share A Story

Are you a promotor/a/x de salud whose work relates to reproductive justice? Are you interested in sharing a story for Cuentos de Confianza? Please read below to learn more about the process and how to sign up for the community writing class for Cuentos.


The process of developing a story for Cuentos de Confianza takes time and is a collaborative activity with Rachel (the project director), other Cuentos writers, a translator, and the website editor. Starting in 2023, Rachel will offer the community writing class every year for any interested promotores de salud who would like to write for Cuentos de Confianza. The class entails three initial group gatherings (via Zoom) to begin the writing process. Then you will work on your own to develop the story and receive feedback and guidance through one-on-one meetings with Rachel. The class will begin in September and end in May with the launch of new stories by June of each year. Depending on the availability and preferences of each group of writers, the class will entail a few different group meetings to work together on stories, work on images and design, and review translations. Each writer can choose to write in Spanish or English and then our team translator will help translate it to the other language. After the first three meetings, meetings are usually about once a month with additional options for one-on-one support.


The class for Cuentos is currently underway with our second group of writers. The next class will begin in September 2024 with registration opening up in July 2024. Please email Rachel at to be added to the notification list for when registration for the next class for Cuentos opens. 

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