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Share A Story

Are you a promotor/a/x de salud whose work relates to reproductive justice? Are you interested in sharing a story for Cuentos de Confianza? If you answered yes to both those questions, please fill out this form and we will be in touch! Below is more information about what you can expect from the process of preparing your story for Cuentos. 


The stories shared here center the personal experiences of Latina/o/x promotores de salud who work within reproductive and sexual health and wellness. The writing process for Cuentos is collaborative. Each writer will have conversations throughout the process of preparing their story for the site. Whether you have experience with writing or not, we’re here to support you! The process begins with an initial call to discuss ideas and goals for your story. Then, we will meet to have you talk through your story in either Spanish or English and record that. We will transcribe the recording and then you can review the written version to add, delete, and change things. We will be available to talk through questions and ideas as you revise. Once you feel the written story is done, our team translator will translate it into English or Spanish and then meet with you to discuss that version and make sure it represents your story well. The timeline for this process may vary, but generally writers should expect to engage with our team for at least a month. We may also follow up with you in the future as this project develops to share updates.


We will ask you to sign a consent form that gives us permission to display the written story and the audio on our website, but we will try to be flexible and responsive to individuals who wish to remove their story for any reason in the future. 

If you are interested in working with our team to create a story for Cuentos de Confianza, please fill out this form.

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