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About the Project

Cuentos de Confianza is a community writing project that creates space for promotores de salud to share their stories about working with sexual and reproductive health. It also is a space for reflecting on how their life experiences have impacted their understanding of reproductive justice. Cuentos began as a community writing class for a small group of promotores in Wisconsin to write their own stories. This digital space was created to share the promotores’ stories with community members, other promotores, and people interested in advancing reproductive justice and Latinx community health. 


The bilingual nature of the site invites readers to consider how language access impacts people’s ability to engage with communities. We have prioritized Spanish across the pages because it is the primary language of our writers and their communities. However, we offer English translations of the written content so that those who don’t speak Spanish can engage with the stories as well.

Cuentos Team

Director: Rachel Bloom-Pojar |

Website Editor: Danielle Koepke

Translators: Juan Arevalo (2022), Alejandra González (2024), and Raquel Quevedo (2024)



Learn more about our community events here.


Share a Story

Learn more about sharing a story here.


Reproductive Justice​

Learn more about reproductive justice here.

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