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An Invitation to Enter into Confianza

Welcome to Cuentos de ConfianzaWhat is Confianza?


Confianza can be translated to the English words trust or confidence, but it is much deeper than that.

  • Confianza is the ability to speak openly with someone without feeling judged.

  • Confianza is the capacity to believe in yourself, in something, or someone.

  • "Confianza is more than just trust - it is a carefully constructed relationship between people who have taken time and care to get to know each other and build an open, trusting way of communicating between each other."


Before exploring the pages on this site, we invite you to read our Care Statement to better understand this project and your responsibility as a reader. 

Care Statement

We believe that stories and the people who tell them should be respected and cared for. Each person's experience in the world is unique and worthy of value. When someone is willing to share their story with us, they are sharing part of themselves. So the process of sharing stories about our lives is a process of confianza (trust/confidence). If you are going to listen to or read the stories here, you are entering a space of confianza with our writers. Please take care of these stories and recognize that they reflect the writers' lives, identities, and relationships with other people. By sharing these stories, we invite you to learn, to grow, and to take action to fight for justice in your own community. We also hope that you see that your stories, your body, and your community are worthy of being cared for and protected.

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